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Parents On The Drive:


Fluoride: Click here for an important note on fluoride for children from Dr. Penny Thompson, 1-1701 Grant St, Vancouver BC Phone: 604-251-1322

Parent-Recommended Dentists:

Dr. Penny Thompson: 1-1701 Grant Street, Vancouver, BC Tel: 604-251-1322

  1. Is amazing. Owen (3) loves seeing her! He talks about Dr. Penny all the time now and really understands that she told us that only mummy or daddy can do a good job of brushing and flossing his teeth and that he needs to let us do this. He even says "good boy" to himself when we're done! If he shouts, I pretend to call Dr. Penny and then he immediately cooperates. I was very impressed by her and her team and highly recommend them to everyone. As far as we are concerned, she is a miracle worker!

  2. Penny Thompson on the drive is amazing! She was my dentist for a few years and helped me through some major dental fears! She is on the 2nd floor- right across the hall from Flaming June.

  3. I had some major dental fears when I was recommended to Penny on the drive. She was absolutely amazing and worked with me to overcome my problems with dentists. She was excellent! I would highly recommend her for any kids or adults! Give the goose a squeeze for me if you do go!

  4. I'll readily agree that she and her staff are highly qualified and wonderfully calm, but I have had several instances of scheduling 'conflicts'. You can't always predict when life will throw you a curve ball and I've found her office less than accommodating. Apologetic but not accommodating.

  5. Her associate Dr. Anita Jane is also very good.

Broadway Station Dental Clinic: #12- 2495 Commercial Drive Vancouver, BC Phone (604) 874-6322

  1. is great- they have a kid-friendly section in their waiting room and are always really nice and patient with Braeden (who is generally very reluctant to open his mouth).

  2. We go to Mark Parhar at broadway station dental. the staff there is just amazing. by far my best experience.

  3. We use broadway dental as well,  Dr Trevor Shew is excellent, and Maggie (2 yrs 2 months) liked him as well.  It's also nice to have the whole family treated by the same doc makes things nice and easy.

  4. Dr. Anik Saintonge (our dentist) is incredibly gentle and very nice to deal with!  They are really kid-friendly, great about taking dental insurance plans and convenient...

I have heard great things about the dentists at Mercato on 1st and Commercial:)

Dr. Scheideman: I take my kids to the Pediatric Dental Group at Oakridge.  They have quite a few dentists, ours is Dr. Scheideman.  He's very gentle...reminds me of a big teddy bear!  My kids have no fears going to the dentist.  It's a bit more expensive, and my coverage from work doesn't cover it all, so I always have to pay a bit. 

North Shore Children’s Dental: We've been very happy with our son's dental office. He's never had more than a cleaning but he loves going to see them and they've been open to all of our many questions.

False Creek Dental Clinic: Our two older children see Dr. Ray Fong at the False Creek Dental Clinic (it’s on West 8th between Oak and Granville).  They both started seeing him when they were about 3 years old and they really look forward to their dentist visits.  Dr. Fong’s partner, Dr. Angelique Leung, is my dentist – she is lovely too.  The first visit for Lachlan was simply counting teeth and riding in the chair then we moved on to cleaning them, etc.  Isabella accompanied Lachlan on his dentist visits for a couple of times before she actually got her turn.  William has also been a few times and will be an old hat by the time it is actually his turn in the chair.  Dr. Fong had some great advice for helping us with the daily battle to brush teeth.

Dr. Bob Patton: who we go to, is downtown on Georgia and Seymour, and is a nice guy, as well as a pediatric dentist.  He has the most entertaining dentist office I’ve ever been in, plus, retractable needles that look more like pens, and the kids never see the actual 'needle' part.  He has tv on the ceiling, with headphones, fish tanks everywhere, nintendo in the waiting room, free tea and coffee for parents, and a bicycle merry go round.  I’ve never had to pay anything, it is totally covered under our MSP (since I’m self employed, i have no insurance).  they give me no hassles about my anti-mercury stance, and treat my aversion to routine x-rays with respect , rather than as though i am insane (like most of my experiences at dental offices).  plus, it is on the 10th floor, so you get a great view.  it is not exactly local, but right at a skytrain stop, in the Scotia bank tower (you can see it from Clark park at night) on the corner of Seymour and Georgia. plus, he is sweet and volunteers at the dtes free dental clinic for dtes residents without any coverage. Dr. Bob has a needle that looks more like a pen, so my eldest (she was terrified of needles and wouldn't open her mouth at our dentist,  and hence the referral), had no idea she was being frozen until he was removing the needle, and she felt a prick. 

Dentist at the North Community Health Office: We went there a few times. It's okey. They are friendly, helpful and don't put any pressure on you for anything that might be controversial with your philosophy and dental hygiene......(like nursing before bedtime...bad thing, but it happens). It's for free. And they don't do too much, not the big chair or anything scary. And you get a toothbrush and a sticker.....

Importance of taking your kids to the Dentist - see articles from the BC Dental Association